Tina Beckers


Tina Beckers has been with Penrhyn member LAB & Company in Düsseldorf since 2008. She initially joined the company as a research consultant and now serves as a principal focusing on the energy industry and the transport, logistics and infrastructure sectors.

Within these areas, she works in close cooperation with management and supervisory boards. She has sound experience in working within the start-up community and in remunicipalization projects. Prior to joining LAB & Company, Tina Beckers’ work involved supporting executive onboarding processes at a US chemicals group and developing strategic organizational development concepts in the field of HR in the USA.

Tina speaks German and English; she is a certified HR talent developer and holds a Master of Science in Organizational Development and HR. Additionally, she serves as speaker and conducts workshops, e. g. for industry associations.

Representative assignments:

Managing Director, start-up transport organization

Head of Transport Operations, major public transport company

Executive Board Member, major public transport company

Managing Director Public Transport, major public utility group

VP HR, major public transport company

Management Board, regional utility group

Head of Railway and Railway Operator, regional railway company