The People At Work launch "From Successful CEO to CFO" workshop

As part of their "Intelligent Leader" seminar series, The People At Work (Singapore) are launching their forthcoming "From Successful CFO to CEO" event in Singapore on 28 July aimed at the regional CFO community.

Led by Benjamin Finzi, Global Managing Director, CEO Leadership Programme at Deloitte USA, the workshop will review the critical qualities of successful CEO's turned CEO's and will capitalise on his significant experience in working with CEO's to enable CFO delegates to strengthen their key CEO distinguishing characteristics. In particular, he will share results of an April 2016 survey, titled “Leadership Transitions: Making the leap from CFO to CEO” co-led by him, where in-depth interviews were conducted with executive recruiters, corporate board members, executive coaches, outgoing CEOs, and individuals who have made a successful CFO-to-CEO transition.  

For further details see "From Successful CFO to CEO"