Penrhyn has extensive experience serving global industrial manufacturing companies.


Intense global competition is driving rapid and transformative change across the automotive industry. On top of the need for cost efficiency, high volume and high speed production, consumers are demanding ever-higher quality and safety standards, sophisticated technology and design features, as well as strong environment friendly credentials.

The trend towards shared and on-demand mobility, autonomous vehicles, electrification and connectivity will continue to reshape the sector. At the same time, manufacturers will need to continually adapt their advanced engineering and lean production capabilities.Tightening regulatory pressures,new technological demands and the move towards platform sharing to cut costs present significant challenges across OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers. But for the industry’s innovators there are also substantial opportunities.

To meet the complex challenges that lie ahead, automotive companies need agile leaders equipped with the right management techniques, as well as an international and entrepreneurial mindset and the ability to drive strategy and change. Penrhyn’s automotive specialists have recruited executives at all senior levels, including board members and national, regional and divisional directors. We can bring you high caliber candidates across every business function, including manufacturing, engineering,logistics, operations, HR, finance, IT and commercial.

Lead: Jessica Volkwein (Munich)

Global practice experts: Mattijs Kropholler (Amsterdam), Dominik Sonnberger (Vienna/Moscow) Craig Marcham (Middle East & Africa), Jennifer Sudduth (Dallas), Greg Gabel (New York), Kazushige Hata (Tokyo), Andrew Bonwick (Melbourne), Pradeep Bhalla (Delhi)

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