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sergio rodriguez

  • Office: Voyer International - Montevideo
  • Location: Montevideo, Uruguay
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  • Fields: Business & Professional Services , Logistics & Supply Chain


Sergio Rodríguez is Army Colonel in retirement situation. Sergio's diploma in staff. He is a specialist and was professor of Strategy and Geopolitics in the Miliary Institute of Higher Studies. Sergio took specialization courses and participated in various official missions in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and USA.Sergio participated as negotiator in the Peacekeeping Mission of the United Nations in the Republic of Mozambique.

Sergio has specialized in the area of human resources in the Program of Management Training in Montevideo.

After leaving his activity in the army, Sergio joined Voyer International in 2008 as Commercial Manager. Sergio has led processes of executive searches for national and multinational companies of several sectors. He has received training in coaching. In 2013 Sergio went on to serve as CEO of the office of Voyer International in Uruguay.

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