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Kazushige Hata started his career in Corporate/Retail Sales and HR at Kokusai Securities (now Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities). He then became a corporate research analyst and worked for foreign securities firms including UBS Securities and conducted research and analysis focused on consumer electronics companies such as Sony and Panasonic.

After working as Senior Analyst for 8 years, Kazushige founded a management consulting firm to provide advice to unlisted companies in wide range of industries for management support (restructuring/growth strategy development), venture capital management (assumed responsibilities as an outside director of a venture company), and IPO (developed equity story and calculated valuation) as well as M&A advisory to listed companies for another 8 years.

In 2013, he entered the executive search business to provide diverse and thorough search-consulting services to Japanese and multinational companies utilizing his in-depth knowledge and network gained from his experiences. Kazushige received BS in Physics from Keio University and MBA from London Business School.
A member of the KEIZAI DOYUKAI (Japan Association of Corporate Executives).

Representative Assignments:
General Manager of Developing Overseas Business: Japanese Mould and Equipment Manufacturer
Chief Engineer for R&D: Japanese Commercial Air Conditioner Manufacturer
Chief Engineer: Japanese Electric Power Supply Equipment Manufacturer
Deputy General Manager for R&D: Japanese Precision Equipment Manufacturer
Chief Operating Officer for Asset Management: Japanese Real Estate Firm

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Muneyuki Takizawa started his career at Sanwa Bank (current Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank), where he worked with numerous corporate clients to promote corporate/banking relations for over 30 years.  His motto at the Bank was “resolving clients’ management issues” and he thrived to contribute to the growth of the client companies by engaging in various actions and numerous discussions regardless of the size of transactions or companies.  Through his experience with over 2000 corporate clients, he has learned that the balance between 3 management resources, “man, material, money,” is the most important element for any corporation to become successful as an excellent company and he strongly believe it is essential to make continuous effort for business innovation.  

At TMC, Muneyuki had provided consulting service to develop capitalization strategy and banking connection focusing on succession of business.  During his tenure, he had encountered and witnessed many situations in which innovative leaders and highly motivated management executives were recruited management personnel from outside organizations to reform or turn around the companies.  His learning from such experiences led him to believe in the business of Shimamoto Partners and he joined the firm.

Muneyuki is determined to provide support to resolve management issues of our clients from the human resource aspects as an executive search consultant by utilizing his vast network and experiences.

Representative Assignments:
Global HR Senior Manager: Automotive Parts Supplier Company
CEO: Portfolio Company of Private Equity Fund
CEO: Automotive Service Company
Product Planning And Sales Promotion Manager: Japanese Commercial Bank
Partner: Private Equity

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Yuhiko Yasunaga became a Principal in Penrhyn International in 2004 when he joined Shimamoto Partners, Penrhyn International’s member in Japan. Yuhiko’s practice includes both Japanese and international clients. Much of his search activity reflects his 21 year career in the financial services sector.

Yuhiko’s career with Sanwa Bank started in 1979, and he rose to become General Manager of the Sakaemachi Branch. During his time with Sanwa Yuhiko was seconded for a period to a senior position with East Japan Railway Company. After leaving Sanwa he had a short period as CFO of MOBIT, before joining Russell Reynold Associates as Executive Director. He moved to Shimamoto Partners as a Partner in 2004.

Yuhiko is a graduate of Keio University and also has a Master’s degree from the University of Cambridge. He speaks fluent English. He has been a board director of a media service company, and is currently non-executive auditor of Tokyo Shoji Company Limited.

Representative assignments:
Managing Director, Sales; a major US Consumer Finance Company
Chief Operating Officer; Industrial Revitalization Corporation of Japan
Executive Vice President; Finance Subsidiary of leading Automobile Company
Chief Executive Officer; Portfolio Company of Private Equity Fund
Chief Financial Officer; Portfolio Company of Private Equity Fund
Chief Operating Officer; Asian Holding Company of Japanese Logistics Company

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Shimamoto Partners offers Executive Search Consulting Service to provide a total solution for management personnel issues by searching for the best suitable leadership necessary for continuous growth of our client organizations. Aside from corporate executive searches, we also conduct search assignments targeting the leaders of next generation (general manager/manager class), and non-executive board members and auditors who play important roles in corporate governance of organizations.

Our clients vary from global conglomerates to large/medium sized Japanese companies, major law firms, consulting companies, and companies funded by private equity funds. 

Our coverage is broad in range from general business in manufacturing and services to specialty areas such as finance and IT as well as professional services including law firms and managements consultants.

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