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Leaders International is a recruitment consultancy specializing in board level positions , leadership succession, and executive recruitment assignments based on fundamental, in-depth research on human capital.

What makes us different? Our knowledge of the market and the information we provide you with real-time, exclusive, consolidated, validated and updated data that cannot be found elsewhere or through other means. We also have a distinctive client approach, tailored to meet increasingly complex talent recruiting requirements.

When we take on an assignment, we go far beyond traditional search and recruitment methods. Each business has unique needs that call for a personalized and customized recruitment solution. This is why we believe each assignment justifies investing extra resources.

The Leaders International team is made up of high-level professionals who have a detailed understanding of the major sectors of our economy and of their specific challenges.

Brock Higgins - Ottawa

1 Rideau Street
Suite 700
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 8S7
Telephone: +1 613 788-8254

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    Brock Higgins Mr. Brock Higgins has focused on executive search throughout his career working with corporations, academic institutions, governments, non-profit organizations and Indigenous communities and organizations throughout North America. Starting his career in 2005, he has progressed into the role of Partner / Shareholder and Managing Partner with Read More
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