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Maes & Lunau: executive search is their strength. Raoul Maes and Eric Lunau started the firm in 1978. It was a logical step for them. For years, when they were on consulting jobs, the two McKinsey consultants had been asked if they could also suggest some excellent job candidates.

Maes & Lunau now has seven senior consultants, all of them extremely experienced professionals from the corporate and public sectors. They work together with a team of specialised researchers and highly capable assistants on countless successful placements.
It's a close-knit team with tremendous team spirit, dedicated to clients and candidates alike. Expertise, experience and networking make an effective combination.
Maes & Lunau has just one goal: to place the best candidate in the right job.

Amsteldijk 194 1079 LK Amsterdam 
+31 20 5356256 
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Meet - Maes & Lunau

  • Mattijs Kropholler +

    Mattijs Kropholler Mattijs Kropholler has extensive experience in executive search at the most senior levels in the Netherlands and more widely in Europe. He became a Principal in Penrhyn International in 2005 on joining Maes & Lunau in Amsterdam. His special fields of expertise and experience are information Read More
  • Irene Wolfs +

    Irene Wolfs Irene Wolfs is a partner at Maes & Lunau and is responsible for the firm's agricultural business in the Netherlands. Her main objective is to find candidates for executive, supervisory and management positions in the Agricultural & Food branche within the sector Consumers Goods & Retail.Irene Wolfs graduated Read More
  • Teunis de Haas +

    Teunis de Haas Teunis de Haas is a partner at Maes & Lunau Executive Search. He is responsible for the searches for executive, non-executive boardmembers and directors for the central and local government, healthcare and educational institutions, housing corporations and public transport companies. Read More
  • Yvonne Jung-Phielix +

    Yvonne Jung-Phielix Yvonne Jung-Phielix is Managing Partner of Maes & Lunau Executive Search and a Principal in Penrhyn International. She focuses on Consumer Products & Services Sector, the Retail/Fashion Practice, the Healthcare Sector, the Life Science Practice and the Human Resources Practice. After several years in healthcare and advertising, Read More
  • Michiel van Donselaar +

    Michiel van Donselaar Michiel’s no-nonsense approach and very clear way of working make him someone who truly knows how to bring people together. His knowledge of the market and genuine interest in organizations and their people enable him to find the right solution, which in turn helps him Read More
  • Harry van de Kraats +

    Harry van de Kraats Connecting force, enthusiasm and creativity are characteristic of Harry. He combines these properties with a strong analytical ability and a keen eye for the quality and potential of people. His many years of experience with diversity of teams makes him an excellent sparring partner in Read More
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