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TheXecutives stand for delivering excellence, quality and speed in executive search, talent recruitment and human capital matters. We pool our resources to attract and assess the key executive of today, the strategic talent of the future, and advise on the alignment between corporate strategy and the individual’s values.

The joint story of TheXecutives’ team has strong historic links with the Neumann brand. After several successful years with a focus on Russia and CIS, we recently joined forces with LAB Group, strengthening our Vienna office and substantially increasing our capabilities on the German market with group offices in Düsseldorf and Munich.

TheXecutives understand professional challenges and are able to bridge cultural gaps. Strongly combining both local presence and an international helicopter view, we are the ultimate cross-border advisors. With our consultants, deeply-rooted in both developed and emerging European markets, we service our partners with a particular business focus on Austria, Central Europe, Russia & CIS and Southeastern Europe.

Meet - TheXecutives - Vienna

  • Dominik Sonnberger +

    Dominik Sonnberger Having worked as Managing Director within Neumann Group for more than 5 years, with responsibility for Austria, Slovakia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania, he was a founding partner of LAB & Company Austria, establishing the business in 2014. Since 2017 the company has been operating under ‘TheXecutives’ Read More
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