Penrhyn has launched ‘A Business Report for CEOs’ detailing the eight key steps, obstacles and decisions involved in growing a company from 25 employees to 100+ employees – the starting point of emerging champions.

Yanouk Poirier, chairman of Penrhyn’s Technology, Media & Telecoms group and managing partner at Leaders International, Canada, co-authored the report with Andre Du Sault a partner at SDA Conseil Inc.

Yanouk and Andre, who are both highly experienced in the field of entrepreneurialism, based the report on interviews with more than 75 executives in Canada, including several CEOs and entrepreneurs who are running regional, national and global companies.

The report is a comprehensive summary of the challenges around scale-up and is complemented by advice based on field experience. It also offers a structured step-by-step agenda to help CEOs identify and correct weaknesses and plan for success.

Yanouk says: “We wrote this report in the hope of making a difference and providing burgeoning CEOs with a roadmap to becoming a champion. It provides practical tools and much food for thought.”

Andre says: “At 100+ employees, it’s easier to tackle larger growth projects, hire ‘A’ players, make acquisitions and raise finance. However, scaling-up from 25 employees is a difficult growth phase for entrepreneurs and has not been well studied.

“This report should serve as a useful reference for the young, ambitious CEO willing to undertake the demanding, but extremely rewarding, journey to becoming a champion in their industry.”

Chairman of Penrhyn International Michael Herst says: “Scaling from start-up to emerging champion remains one of the most rewarding, yet most difficult leadership challenges. This paper shows companies how to do it.”

A shifting global political landscape and constantly evolving technology are transforming industries around the world. To capitalize on digital change, businesses require innovative leaders capable of delivering effective solutions to new challenges.

Yanouk continues: “Penrhyn International has global reach combined with the latest local market intelligence through a carefully selected network of some of the world’s most accomplished search specialists. Penrhyn consultants understand the leadership qualities required for businesses to reach their potential in this rapidly changing environment and can help organizations to identify and secure the right talent.”

For a copy of the report, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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