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These are challenging times for the consumer, retail and luxury sector as it strives to have a seamless shopping experience and adapt to advancements in technology. While many retailers are closing stores and shifting to e-commerce, others are remodeling stores and using digital innovation to grow and monitor in-store experience. Businesses are increasingly using technology to gather intelligence on consumer behavior, but crucially, need to make sure they convert data into sales, by ensuring omni-channel strategies.

The explosion in online shopping has opened up markets to wholesalers and international competitors, in addition to competition from local or national retailers.Consumers are aware of their options and go online to research products and compare prices.To successfully compete on this global stage, companies must have robust digital strategies and strong brands.

Penrhyn’s distinctive client approach, tailored to meet increasingly complex talent requirements, goes well beyond traditional search and recruitment methods.
Our dedicated consumer, retail and luxury sector specialists are some of the world’s most experienced search experts in the field. While retailers struggle to adapt to the new reality of e-commerce and digital innovation, we understand the need for senior leaders with the ability to adapt to rapid and constant change, drive innovation and create sustainable growth.

Through long-term trusted relationships we can act as your strategic partner to help you harness the transformative opportunities digital innovation is bringing to the consumer, retail and luxury sector andget the best from your human capital to meet your business objectives.

We can help you to:

• Identify the qualities of your future leaders

• Gain market insights from around the world

• Create attractive compensation structures for your candidates

• Evaluate board effectiveness and performance

Lead: Cynthia Labonte (Montreal),

Global practice experts: Chong Lian Ong (Singapore), Dominik Sonnberger (Vienna/Moscow), Karolien Van Holder (Brussels),