Technology & Telecommunications

Technology is changing the world very quickly, with leading Technology, Media & Telecoms (TMT) companies at the frontier of this disruption. To be successful in facing these new challenges, businesses across these industries must harness the significant opportunities technology offers – both now and in the future. They need innovative leaders with the vision and capabilities to drive growth, identify new revenue streams and transform existing business models.

Our global TMT practice group uses Penrhyn’s unique, highly structured and tailored recruitment approach to help companies find the leaders they need, ensuring a precise fit to the organisation’s needs – vital for these critical business decisions.

Penrhyn International has a distinctive client approach, tailored to meet increasingly complex talent requirements, which goes far beyond traditional search and recruitment methods. Our knowledge of the TMT marketplace and the real-time exclusive information we provide to clients cannot be found elsewhere.

Lead: Yanouk Poirier (Montreal)

Global practice experts:  David Goldstone (London) , Luce Nordon (Paris), Michael Zinn (New York), Lynn Durant (Dallas), Kazushige Hata (Tokyo), Brock Higgins (Ottawa), Carla Battistelli (Verona), Ian Nankivell (Melbourne) and Christine Gomez (Manila)

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